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Porsche 993 GT2

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Porsche 993 GT2

A sublime Porsche 993 GT2 Race car with excellent history. Sits in as new condition. A true collector's item.

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Designed in the early 1960s, and having since been continuously updated by the best knowledge and technology available, the Porsche 911s are for many the most successful sport cars ever.

Don't agree? Well the 911 has won many of the world's most prestigious races including the Monte-Carlo rally, Daytona 24hrs, Le Mans 24 hours, Targa Florio and even the Paris-Dakar.

Many of the marques successes were during the AWD era, particularly with the 961. This was also true of Audi's rally success in the Quattro and Nissan's track dominance with the Skyline. As a reaction to this, many of the sanctioning bodies banned AWD by the mid-1990s.

In 1994, the new BPR championship (which later became the FIA-GT) was one of these to ban AWD, naturally raising concerns for Porsche as their current 993 Turbo model would not qualify.  However these concerns were short lived as the resulting rear wheel drive GT2 car was very competitive because of the weight savings.

The racing version of the GT2 was based on the road-legal GT2, which was needed for homologation purposes.  Visually, it differed in its bolt-on fender flares as well as aerodynamic panels with large air intakes for added brake cooling, similar to the RS. A large, adjustable rear wing was mounted on the engine lid; made recognisable by the openings on the left and right sides that funnelled air to the six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The bonnet and doors were made of aluminium and thin gauged glass was used for all windows except the windscreen. The interior featured little unless absolutely necessary - with a welded-in roll cage that extended all the way to the shock towers in order to stiffen the body. Suspension came from the street-legal version of the GT2, but with special spring and shock tuning and a shock tower brace; all arms were fitted with spherical joints instead of rubber bushings.

In the back was the air-cooled six-cylinder twin turbocharged M64/81 3.6 litre engine which differed from the road car because it was fitted with a pair of inlet restrictor plates, as required by nearly all GT rules. Despite the restrictor plates, the resulting power-plant was capable of 450bhp and a maximum torque of 540Nm.

The gearbox was the same 6-speed transmission from the road car but with added lubrication and external oil cooler. The racing clutch was single plate sintered metal and had an asymmetric limited slip differential.

The first GT2 was launched at the 1994 Essen Show and the first factory 993 GT2s appeared in 1995 and made their race debut at Daytona in February of that year. They soon became private teams' preferred car of choice, as they were terrifyingly quick as a result of their great chassis and 450+ Bhp. By 1997 other marques had improved, and the 993 started to not become so competitive - some teams persevered however, namely Roock, who disassociated itself from factory specifications to keep the cars competitive up until 2001.

The Racecar we offer

 #393107 was sold by the Porsche Factory Customer Sport Department to Jean Francois Veroux of Paris in January 1996. He entered it twice before selling to Peter Seikel. Under his ownership the car was raced at Monza, Paul Ricard (4 Hours: 3rd OA, 2nd GT2), Misano (6 Hours 1st OA) and Hockenheim, before being sold to Porsche Club Italy in July of 1998. After this time the car competed in the GT and FIA GTR Championships in Hungary, Spa, Suzuka, Donnington, Homestead, Laguna Seca, Daytona and finally Monza, a track it enjoyed the most as it achieved 3 wins.

The car has in recent years been independently inspected by the foremost specialist on these cars and as a result it has a history document containing huge amounts of information and pictures from its GT racing career. It had been in private collections since it retired in 2001 and in 2015 its owner decided to put the car through a number of mechanical and cosmetic works to bring it back to an as new and race ready condition. Between June 2016 and September 2017 more than €75,000 has been spent on the car and today it stands in fantastic condition.

It can be enjoyed by its new owner in a number of competitive events - including the Masters Endurance Legends, Ultracar GT One Sports Club by Peter Auto, the Goodwood Members' Meeting, the GT Classic and the 90s GT Legends Silverstone Classic. Equally for those seeking worthwhile investment opportunities, considering prices for the road-legal GT2s achieving huge amounts at public auctions in recent years and showing no signs of slowing either, the chance to buy a successful and rarer factory racecar must not be overlooked.





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