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Mercedes-Benz 190SL

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Mercedes-Benz 190SL

One of the cleanest examples of the 190SL available globally. Fresh from the finest Frame-Off restoration available anywhere. 

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Daimler-Benz decided, in the post war era, to re-enter the single passenger car market with the absolutely stunning 300. A car based on the hugely popular pre-war 170V that it had offered until 1951, the 300 used a 2996 cc overhead cam 6-cylinder engine, mounted to a 120" wheelbase and was available in a sedan or four-door variant. This car paved the way to the timeless 300 SL, the classic competition car which drew heavily from the 300.

The Mercedes line lacked a moderately priced sports car and filled the gap with the absolutely incredible 190 SL, which in essence served as a junior 300 SL. The platform utilised a shortened W121 monocoque which was strengthened to accommodate the lack of a roof. The engine was a 1897 cc SOHC unit that was created by taking the 300 SL engine, removing two cylinders and shortening the stroke. The engine used dual downdraft solex carbs, developed 120 bhp and was attached to a four-speed manual transmission with a floor mounted shift lever.

The suspension comprised of four-wheel independent coil-spring double wishbones in front and swing axles in the rear. The windows were manual roll-up windows, the roof was a folding soft top and cockpit heating came as standard on the car. An optional steel removable hard top was available and an optional side-facing seat gave the car the ability to carry a third passenger. The car was relatively expensive for its day, but it was somewhat in a class of its own as a true Grand Tourer, it's only real competitor was the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider.

The car debuted at the New York Auto Show in 1954, entered production in the following year and remained in production until it was replaced by the 230 SL in 1963; by which time nearly 26,000 cars had been built.

The example we have to offer is a matching numbers example, and has undergone a "frame-off" restoration; restoring every nut and bolt to perfect, factory condition. While the car originally left the finished with a White Exterior over a Tex Red interior, the car has been refinished in the absolutely breath-taking Anthracite over Chocolate combination it sits in today. We feel confident that this car is pound for pound one of the finest examples of the 190SL anywhere in the world today; and would challenge any competitors at any Concours one could care to name.

The car comes complete with a set of 190SL owner's books, a copy of the New Jersey and German Titles as well as a copy of the original order invoice for the car from 1960. Further features comprise of a Becker-Europa four-band radio and a dashboard Kienzel clock.

This car is truly a sight to behold, and would be a fabulous investment for any discerning motoring enthusiast.



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