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Maserati MC12

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Maserati MC12

1 of only 50 MC12 stradales, and the only example to be finished in Blue Carbon fibre. A hugely unique investment.

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The Maserati MC12 was built by Maserati in order to homologate their FIA GT Car, 25 examples were built in 2004 and a further 25 more in 2005. The car was built on the Ferrari Enzo chassis; however the MC12 is a far larger car, and has a much lower drag coefficient. In fact the only externally shared component between the two cars is the windscreen.

Although the vehicle is based on a race car, no expense was spared in terms of luxury in the interior. Upon opening the door you are met with an expanse of gorgeous, deep blue leather, gel coated carbon fibre and anodised aluminuim, all of which frame a stunning oval shaped, analogue Maserati clock face and blue ignition button.

These vehicles have proven time and time again to be incredibly capable machines; manageable at low speeds but savagely quick around corners thanks to the downforce provided by the two metre spoiler at the rear of the car.

This particular car comes complete with full Main Dealer service history, and has been excellently cared for during it's lifespan. When delivered the car came in the original blue-and-white livery, however the car was refinished by Zanasi in the absolutely unbelievable Blue Carbon Fibre you see today. The level of craftsmanship is unparallelled and has contributed towards making this, arguably, the most special example of the already ultra-desireable MC12 platform.

Due to the fact that only 50 were built it is a rare sight for an example of any variety to come to market, less so for one with such a unique presence to appear. This car is, without question, set to skyrocket in value over the coming years. Don't miss your chance to invest!


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