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Maserati 3500 GT

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Maserati 3500 GT

A striking Maserati 3500 GT; finished in Red over Black with under 32,000 original miles.

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The Maserati 3500 GT proved to be a seminal vehicle for Maserati as their first successful foray into the GT market and series production.

The engine was developed from the 1955 long-stroke 6, built for use in endurance racing powering the legendary Maserati 350S. A run of Maserati A6's proved that business was feasible, although at a production level of jut 12 a year Maserati was still a far cry from series production. Chief engineer Giulio Alfieri made a number of trips to the UK in order to source components; thus alongside he Italian Weber carbs and Marelli ignition, the car featured a Salisbury rear axle, Girling Brakes and Alford & Alder suspension parts.

Production started in late '57 and saw 18 cars built before the end of the year. All cars featured leather interiors and Jaeger-LeCoutre instruments.

The example we're offering left the factory in 1962, is finished in Red over Black, and comes complete with a substantial servicing history.



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