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Lamborghini Miura P400

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Lamborghini Miura P400

Lamborghini Miura P400 upgraded to SV by the factory in period. 



The P400 Miura was not only the first supercar to come from Lamborghini, but also the first the world had ever seen. Original unveiled at the 1966 Geneva Salon, the Miura completely redefined the styling of a high-performance car. Much of the styling excellence can be attributed to its transversely-mounted engine, sitting just behind the passenger compartment, creating lines that were completely alien in the mid 60s. 

The performance of the Miura could more than match the extreme styling of the car; the 4 litre V12 produced around 350bhp and was capable of propelling the beautiful body to speeds in excess of 165 mph. However, it is the attention to detail that means even today it remains one of the most stunning cars ever produced. Marcello Gandini of the Bertone styling house can be credited with creating such a magnificent design; for example using the doors to create the shape of a raging bull. 

The example that we are offering left the factory in 1967; an original EU car that was exported new to Portugal. However, in 1974 the vehicle was returned to Lamborghini's Santa Agata factory and upgraded to SV specification; one of the very few cars to enjoy this upgrade in period.

These upgrades, including the suspension, brakes and engine are completely documented by Balboni at the factory and leaves an incredibly special car with a fantastic story and provenance.

The car is now finished in Nero Cangiante with Giallo hide, and sits in absolutely fantastic overall condition, both in terms of paintwork, interior and most importantly under the bonnet, following extensive work at our own service centre.

The iconic status of the Miura means that long-term values are only set to increase, with this example being an SV available for the value of a P400S.


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