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Lamborghini 2R

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Lamborghini 2R

A lovely example of Lamborghini Trattori's 2R Tractor, finished in the striking colourway of orange and blue.



Lamborghini Trattori was founded in 1948 by the legendary Ferruccio Lamborghini and became well known for the production of military and industrial engines, as well as agricultural tractors.

The company grew quickly and within just a few years, company production had risen from 1 unit a week to around 200 per year, and new Italian-built engines were replacing the war surplus units.
The enactment of the Fafani law of 1962 helped Lamborghini Trattori to take a quantum leap in terms of quality and scale. The law set aside a subsidy for farmers who bought Italian-built agricultural machinery and allowed Lamborghini Trattori to develop into a legitimate industrial affair.
A new plant was opened in 1956, and in 1962 the company released the model we have on offer, the Lamborghini 2R. This model is powered by a three-cylinder, air cooled diesel engine that produces 39bhp, delivered through a four-speed gearbox with high and low differential settings.
The example we are offering was produced in 1962 and is presented in great condition having undergone a recent restoration. It is finished in the striking orange and blue colour combination and maintains its original Italian registration papers as well as a NOVA number. The 2R is the perfect vehicle for any collector or enthusiast and is a great example of where it all began for the Lamborghini brand!


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