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Jensen P66 Prototype

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Jensen P66 Prototype

The only example of the stunning Jensen P66 Prototype. Your chance to own a genuine piece of automotive history!

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The Jensen P66 is a pre-production prototype designed and built by Jensen as a replacement for the Austin Healey, unfortunately the sister car (a convertible example) has since been lost leaving the car we're offering as the only surviving example of this striking Jensen Design.

Jensen's contract with BMC to build the Austin Healey was coming to a close, and it was thought that a plan should be in place to utilise the spare capacity at the factory should the contract elapse without renewal. Richard Jensen felt that while the American market would continue to be enticed at the prospect of an open top car, the UK market was growing tired of wind-in-the-hair motoring and as such decreed that both a closed top and convertible prototype should be designed.

The first car of the two was the convertible which was finished in white and wore the legendary 'Interceptor' badge and first saw the light of day at the 1965 Earls Court Motor Show and was met with much acclaim thanks to its sleek design with contemporary lines and clear Italian influence.

The second car is the car we have the pleasure of offering to the public; the hard top example, while never badged as an interceptor, was every bit as gorgeous as its sister and some, thanks to subtle design differences including its stunning Californian Sage Green paint and the omission of the wheel arch strakes.

Both cars utilised a stunning Chrysler 383 Big Block V8 with a displacement of 6,276cc, and while the Convertible was mated to an Automatic Transmission (more than likely a Chrysler 727 Unit) the Hard Top features an exemplar Chrysler 833 Manual Transmission.

Sadly, the P66 was the last car to be designed by Eric Neale as the Jensen company was in the process of being handed over to The Norcros Group who had their own design team in place, including Kevin Beattie who would go on to design the seminal Jensen Interceptor for which Jensen is so firmly recognised as an essential pillar of British Automotive History.

The decision to cancel the P66 project caused significant tension within the upper management at Jensen and it is said that Alan Jensen gave to order to have both P66 Prototypes stripped, while the convertible car suffered this fate the hard-top car managed to escape unscathed.

The car starts without even a shred of hesitance, it burbles and bellows like any good V8 should and turns heads like you couldn't believe. The documentation that has been amassed is jaw dropping and the most recent owner has even gone to the trouble of creating a spreadsheet detailing what companies supply consumable parts should the next owner need to order them.

It is very rare that one can say they have the only example of something in the world, let alone a car of this importance. When we say that it is a bargain of the highest order to be able to purchase a classic car with this kind of provenance as this kind of price we absolutely mean it, this is not an opportunity to miss.



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