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Ford RS200 'S'

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Ford RS200 'S'

Ford RS200 'S' with just over 4,000KM on the clock. 1 of just 20 'S' spec vehicles with an uprated 350bhp engine. 



The Ford RS200 was the result of a project spearheaded by Stuart Turner, the European Motorsport boss of Ford and his ambition to create a winning Group B rally car. This project was started in 1983; a total of 200 cars needed to be produced in order to homologate the RS200 to compete in the WRC. 

The RS200 came with a 1.8-litre 16 Valve Cosworth engine that was heavily turbo-charged to produce around 250bhp and powering all four wheels. The styling for the car come from Carrozzeria Ghia, Ford's Italian subsidiary, creating a car with a purposeful yet elegant design. 

After homologation in February 1986, the RS200 went on to achieve a total of 19 wins and 32 podiums, before Group B rallying was scrapped on safety grounds. The short-lived Group B adventure meant that Ford stripped down a number of RS200s initially destined for competition and decided to sell them as road-legal supercars. 

The car we are offering is an incredibly rare RS200 'S' which is generally accepted as the greatest of the road-going versions. A total of 20 cars benefited from the upgrades which included electric windows and an increase of power to around 350bhp. 

Having covered just over 4,000 KM, this car naturally sits in fantastic all-round condition and is one of the finest and rarest RS200s in the world. Not only fantastic to drive, but homologation specials such as the RS200 are becoming some of the most investable cars on the market, with the appreciation trend only set to continue. 


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