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Ford GT

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Ford GT

2005 Ford GT with just under 1,900 miles. Original EU car - 1 of just 101 produced. 



The 24 Hours of Le Mans in the mid-60s was a battle between Ferrari and Ford, a rivalry that was started due to a breakdown in negotiations between the two brands over a possible American takeover of the Maranello firm. Furious with the abrupt nature that talks broke down, Henry Ford II vowed to destroy Enzo in sportscar racing and end his dominance over the 24 hour event. 

The car that was tasked with this challenge was the Ford GT40; which to this day remains one of the most successful racing cars ever to compete at Le Mans. A trio of GT40s would take the podium in 1966, and a GT40 would also claim top sport at the most famous race in the world for the next 3 years. It is safe to say that Henry Ford II had succeeded in knocking the Prancing Horses off top spot. 

In 2002, a concept car was created to celebrate 100 years of Ford; a homage to the all-conquering GT40, the aptly named Ford GT. Again designed to target Ferrari, however this time in the production sportscar field, the Ford GT set out to better the Ferrari 360 Modena. 

The very first examples of the Ford GT were to reach customers in late 2004, and when it was released the GT had not only destroyed Ferraris offering at the time, but the £120,000 sports car was also rivaling the Porsche Carrera GT and Mclaren SLR in terms of overall performance. 

During 3 years of production, 4,038 GTs were produced in total, however even at these sort of production numbers demand heavily outstripped supply, with cars never changing hands at significant premiums throughout from the day they were delivered. 

The car we are offering is one of just 101 cars that were imported to Europe directly from the factory, making it an incredibly desirable example. Finished in the classic scheme of Red with White stripes, this car has covered just under 1,900 miles from new. 

The Ford GT is a fitting homage to one of the most important cars ever to race, and has always been earmarked as a future classic from the day it was announced. Finally starting to reflect accurate values, this example is one of the best available on the market today and is not only perfect example to sit in the finest of collections, but also remains one of the best drivers' cars of the 00s. 


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