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Fiat Topolino

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Fiat Topolino

1948 Fiat Topolino presented in fantastic condition. 



The Fiat Topolino was produced from 1937-1955, with more than 500,000 examples being made in this period. At its conception, the Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world; officially called the '500,' Topolino (or little mouse) was soon how everyone referred to the iconic city car. 

The success of the Topolino was immediate and significant, with over 84,000 being produced before Italy entered WWII. Further, few changes were actually made to the model in is life-span, with most serious modifications coming through mechanical updates versus revisions of styling. 

Our car is an absolutely stunning 1948 example finished in a classic Claret and Black two-tone exterior with a light grey interior. The condition of the this Topolino is simply magnificent, both in terms of paintwork, interior and mechanicals, this is truly one of the nicest Topolinos in the world; a piece of automotive history. 


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