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Ferrari F40

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Ferrari F40

1989 Ferrari F40 non cat/non adjust and just 15,700 KM. Classiche Certified.



The Ferrari F40 was announced in the summer of 1987 as the ultimate supercar of its generation. The last car unveiled by Mr Enzo Ferrari himself, before his death a little over a year later, it was named to celebrate his recent 40th anniversary as a car maker.

The F40 was given the same four-cam 32 valve twin supercharged V8 engine as the 288 GTO, however it was enlarged from 2,855cc to 2,936cc. This enlargement gave it 478 bhp at 7,000 rpm and it red-lined at 7,700 rpm - some 20% more than the 288 GTO.

However, the most innovative aspect of the F40 was how the body and chassis were constructed. Drawing on the manufacturers substantial expertise in the use of composite materials for F1, the chassis included a tubular steel spaceframe with panels of Kevlar bonded-on. This resulted in a torsional stiffness that greatly exceeded a metal-only structure, plus having the benefit of being much lighter - three times lighter than a conventional chassis. Employing both computer projection and a wind-tunnel, Pininfarina produced a body that generated enough downforce without suffering unwarranted drag, allthewhile circumventing the carbuncles associated with so many outright competition cars. The bodywork was dominated by ducts and vents that sent airflow to the driver and passenger, the brakes and engine, while the rear 'clam' featured a revolutionary louvered Plexiglas panel that allowed the supercharged V8 to be seen in all its glory. Carbon-fibre was used for all the doors, bonnet and other removable panels.

Once the enormous power was combined with a very low weight, race engineered suspension, huge tyres and trailblazing aerodynamics, the F40 could achieve a very high level of performance. It was, when released, the fastest road-going car made. Top speed was claimed to be 201 mph (the first car to break the 200mph benchmark), and it could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.5 secs, going on to reach 120mph in 11.5 secs.

With cost of around £200,000 new, Ferrari expected to sell a few hundred F40s, however the demand for what was to become the last car signed off by Enzo himself was such that in total around 1,300 examples were sold worldwide and thus became one of the brand's most profitable models to date.

The example we're offering here is an original 1989 Italian delivered non-catalytic converter, non adjustable car - the most desirable specification. It has Classiche certification from the Ferrari factory and has enjoyed recent mechanical work, including; full maintenance service, new cambelts and auxiliary drive belts, new front tyres and new fuel cells to original specification.

The story of the F40 is something unique and to this day it remains one of the most recognisable supercars ever made; not only fantastic to drive but also a safe long-term investment.


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