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Ferrari F40

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Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 non cat/non adjust complete with Plexi windows and just 13,500 KM. Classiche Certified. 



1987 was an incredibly important year for Enzo Ferrari; not only did he reach 90 years old, but it was also 40 years since he build his first car. To celebrate the milestone, 'The Grand Old Man' decided to built a unique car, and that car was the Ferrari F40. 

The name was suggested by Gino Rancati, a friend of Enzo who felt that it needed to appeal to the largest market for the brand, the United States. In fact Gino received a plaque from Ferrari to commemorate this "brilliant idea," which was created in June 1987. 

When the F40 was introduced, it was the first road car to conquer 200mph, instantly becoming the fastest car in the world at 323 kmph. Further, its 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds was also remarkable for the late 80s, possible due to its 478 bhp twin-turbo V8 powering just 1,100 KG of mass. 

The power unit was derived from the F40s predecessor, the 288 GTO however the rest of the mechanicals used some of the latest F1 technology of the time, including carbon-fibre and kevlar. All of this performance was beautifully complemented by the infamous Pininfarina styling, creating a car that would become one of the most iconic of all time. 

With a cost of around £200,000, Ferrari expected to sell a few hundred F40s, however the demand for what was to become the last car signed off by Enzo himself was such that in total around 1,300 examples were sold worldwide; one of the brands most profitable models to date. 

The example that we are offering is an original Spanish supplied car, produced in 1990. As such it is the most desirable specification of non-cat/non-adjust and also is complete with sliding plexi windows, making this one of the most collectible F40s available. 

The car is actually supplied with a Tubi sport exhaust (although pictured with a standard system) and sits in absolutely fantastic all round condition, showing just under 13,500 KM. The story of the F40 is something unique and to this day it remains one of the most recognisable supercars ever made; not only fantastic to drive but also a safe long term investment. 


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