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Ferrari F40

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Ferrari F40

Magnificent Ferrari F40 original cat/non-adjust, with under 5,500 km and just 2 UK owners



The Ferrari F40 was the last vehicle commissioned by Enzo Ferrari himself, and has fittingly been regarded as one of the brand's finest. 1987 was a special year for Enzo, celebrating both his 90th birthday and 40 years since he completed his first car, hence the name F40. In honour of such an important year in both his and the companies life, Enzo created what remains today one of his finest ever road cars. 

The F40 came with a 2.9 litre V8 producing a reported 478 bhp (although many believe this figure to be conservative) mated to a 5-speed open gate gearbox and a completely unassisted driving experience. When introduced, the F40 was the fastest road car ever produced, the first to top 200 mph and a 0-60 time of around 3.5 seconds.

However, the F40 is about so much more than numbers and this is the reason it is respected by so many drivers and collectors even to this day. There has been no car built to compare to the driving experience of the F40 and unfortunately there never will be; a car so raw, challenging and most importantly rewarding. 

The car we are offering is a beautiful 1991 example that has covered less that 5,500 km and has just 2 UK owners. This F40 was supplied new to Crepaldi Auto in Italy, before coming to the UK in 2008 where it has remained ever since. Having sat in one of the UK's finest car collections for the past 7 years, the car is in absolutely fantastic condition all round; one of the nicest F40s on the market.

The interest and respect for the Ferrari F40 has never been stronger, with nice examples such as this at an all time premium. They remains one of the best cars ever to drive, but are also one of the safest investments in the market, as values look set to continue to rise. 


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