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Ferrari Enzo

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Ferrari Enzo

Probably the most special Enzo in existence; finished completely in Carbon with Rosso Alcantara Interior. 



The start of the 3rd Millenium was a great time for Ferrari, not only on the road but also on the track; 6 Constructors' titles between 1999 and 2004 saw the Prancing Horses dominate the F1 calendar year-on-year, with Schumacher at the top of his form. 

It was at this time that Luca Di Montezemolo embarked on creating a car to reflect this motorsport success and bring such technology to the road; a project that would be dedicated to the Founder of the company. 

September 2002 was the first chance the world got to see the Ferrari Enzo at the Paris Auto Show; although technically the successor to the F50, the Enzo was a car to represent everything great about the brand and complement competition success with the ultimate supercar at the time. 

To achieve this, the Ferrari Enzo featured the pinnacle of technology, engineering and design, while all the while taking great influence from Schumacher's multiple title-winning car. This relationship can be most obviously seen in how focused the Enzo is; designed for maximum performance and downforce with a lack of creature comforts such as a radio. 

At the heart of the previously dubbed F60 is a 660 bhp Tipo F140B V12 mated to the fastest F1 gearbox seen at the time, propelling the beautiful body to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 217. 

In-keeping with the previous "special-series" production cars, the Enzo's production was limited to just 399 examples, with the 400th example being gifted to Pope John Paul II. Naturally all cars were instantly accounted for, with values of Enzos never dropping to anywhere near the original sales price of less than £500,000. 

This particular example is quite literally the only example in the world to have been finished in naked Carbon Fibre. Originally delivered in Rosso Corsa, this car was sent back to Maranello to have the refinishing done in period. The interior Carbon Fibre, and Engine bay have been finished in Rosso Carbon, and the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail make this car a sight to behold.

The Ferrari Enzo remains to this day one of the most important and eye-catching Prancing Horses ever to leave Maranello, with this example sitting as not only one of the most striking, but also one of the most beautiful and important Enzos ever produced. 


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