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Ferrari Daytona Coupe LHD

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Ferrari Daytona Coupe

A gorgeous 365 GTB/4 wearing Blu Dino Metallizzato over Sabbia, the car is matching numbers and is sold complete with Classiche Certification.

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Revealed in 1968 at the Paris Salon, the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 or Daytona had a strong act to follow replacing the 275 GTB/4 that preceded. However, Pininfarina sculpted body created a car that was instantly recognisable and to become one of the most famous shapes in the brand's history. 

On top of the design advancements in the Daytona, the 365 GTB/4 also set a new benchmark in terms of performance; more than 350 bhp and a top speed of 174 mph, making it the fastest production car in the world at the time. 

It is the combination of such stunning styling and remarkable performance that has cemented the Daytonas place amongst the most iconic of all Ferraris; as such they have become one of the most collectible cars on the market, with values continuing to rise consistently. 

This fabulous late 365 GTB/4 claims numerous desirable qualities, including a matching-numbers drivetrain, a minimal chain of ownership, and a well-maintained restoration that was completed in the mid-2000s. Completing assembly in February 1973, chassis number 16415 was equipped with factory air conditioning and finished in Blu Dino Metallizzato (Blue Dino Metallic) paint over an interior of beige leather. In March, the car was delivered new to renowned French dealer Charles Pozzi, the official Ferrari agent who had posted a successful racing career during the late 1940s, driving Delahayes and Talbot-Lagos.

The car underwent a complete restoration in 1982, during which Mr Pozzi's dealership performed the mechanical work, whilst cosmetics were addressed by Carrosserie Andre Lecoq in Paris. Further mechanical freshening over the ensuing years included the addition of a new exhaust system in 1995 and a replacement of the air conditioning and clutch a year later. In 1997, Mr Pozzi's mechanics also overhauled the transaxle, restored the drivetrain, and tuned the carburettors in preparation for a public offering.


In 2000 the Daytona was sold to an Italian enthusiast. This owner soon commissioned a cosmetic restoration by Carrozzeria Borelli in Italy, whilst Auto Elite was entrusted to perform mechanical freshening as needed. Chassis 16415 was then sold to the consignor in May 2004, where it was housed among his considerable collection of Ferraris.


Certified since then with the highly desirable Ferrari Classiche paperwork, this matching-numbers example of the revered Daytona looks every bit as intoxicating as the day it left the factory. Chassis 16415 has been owned by as few as three caretakers during the course of its life, and it can be enjoyed for its outstanding V-12 performance or exhibited at discerning concours. The car's factory-certified authenticity will surely draw the fancy of judges, Ferrari experts, and casual aficionados alike.


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