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Ferrari 330 GTS

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Ferrari 330 GTS

One of only 99 examples produced, recently restored in it's original colour combination of Nicciola over Nero. Comes complete with tools, books and Classiche documentation.

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The 330 GTS was one of the cars that helped to lay the foundations of Ferrari's philosophy of catering for and rewarding their most loyal customers. With a simple brief of producing the finest Grand Touring motoring experience money could buy, Ferrari set about building the successor to the 275 GTS in the form of the 330 GTS.

The car debuted at the 1966 Paris Motorshow, displaying unmistakable Pininfarina coachwork inspired by the 275 GTS and 250 amongst others. The car is characaterised by its egg crate oval grille and tripled louvred vents just aft of the front wheels, as well as the tapered tail made famous by the gorgeous 275 GTS. The car boasted a stunning interior with full leather bucket seats and a wood rimmed aluminium steering wheel; all this coupled with the very useable boot space the car provided made this the absolute best in class.

Capable of completing a 1/4 mile in 15 secs at 100mph, culminating in a top speed of 150mph the car is far from sluggish, the glorious top note produced by the car's V12 is second to none and promises to raise hairs on the back of anyone's neck who is lucky enough to pilot it.

Produced in April of 1967, the car we are offering was delivered in the seldom seen shade of Nicciola over Nero. Originally delivered to a customer based in New York City the car was held by the first owner for 9 years before being sold to the second owner who was basedin Alamo, California. The car was passed along to it's third owner, also based in Alamo, who repainted it yellow. Unfortunately in the late 1990's the car was damaged at a hill climb event Virginia, and was immediately repaired professionally by European Auto Restoration Inc. of Costa Mesa, California.

In 2014 the car benefitted from a no-expenses-spared body off restoration which exceeded a cost of $400,000 and resulted in arguably the greatest ever restoration of the 330 GTS. Though the car hasn't featured in any competitions since it's restoration it would be hard to imagine it winning anything other than platinum award at any Ferrari Concours.

The car remains as desirable and investable as ever, a true gem to add to any collection.


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