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Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2

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Ferrari 250 GTE

A beautiful Ferrari 250 GTE finished in Nero over Beige, complete with Classiche Certification

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The history of the 250 GTE 2+2 is arguably one of the richest in Ferrari's extensive history. This car was designed specifically to appeal to the sector of the car market which was largely dominated by brands such as Aston Martin & Maserati throughout the late 50's and early 60's. The 250 GTE saw its debut at the 1960 Le Mans 24-Hour race where it served, in prototype form, as the race director's car and saw it's official unveiling at the Paris Salon later that same year.

Of course there had been four seater Ferraris before the 250 GTE, the Ghia, Touring and Vignale all boasted four seats as early as the 50's; however the fact that they were based on a chassis that wasn't conceived with passenger carrying in mind meant that they were somewhat compromised.

The car makes use of independent front suspension, a live rear axle and a four speed manual/overdrive gearbox to complete the basic chassis specification. These were coupled with a compact Colombo designed Tipo 128E V12 engine producing 240bhp to ensure that the larger car did not suffer from any undue decreases in performance.

This particular vehicle was first delivered to France in 1962, from here the car spent an extensive amount of time on Cote d'Azur before being sent to Italy for restoration. The car benefitted from refinished upholstery, paint, chrome and new carpets; changing from the original Azzuro to the rare and highly desirable Nero and Crema colour combination. The car was also recently awarded Classiche Certification from the Ferrari Factory, certifying its originality and quality.

Don't miss your chance to become an owner of one of the last truly undervalued classic Ferraris!


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